Our working committees

All committees shall work in conjunction with each other to promote the mission and vision of the Trust

Affordable Health Care Committee (AHCC)

1) The AHCC shall be responsible for and oversee any activities of the Trust as they relate specifically, but not limited, undertaking feasibility studies of health care delivery programs with focus on affordability and sustainability.
2) AHCC may also support institutions focused on affordable health care delivery models and programs related to affordable prescription medicines. 

Phase I activities (India)

Innovation and Research Committee (IRC)

1) The IRC shall be responsible and oversee activities that support biomedical research to find solutions in challenging human ailments.
2) These activities may relate, but not limited to, supporting institutions or research groups focused on advancing disease diagnoses and therapies, evaluating research grant applications, and reviewing practical matters related to research standards, methods, and ethics. 

Phase I activities (USA)

Higher Education Committee (HEC)

1) The HEC shall be responsible and oversee the Trust activities related to efforts promoting higher education in the public domain.

Phase I activities (USA)
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