Our Team

Praveen Hariharan and his wife Kritika, with the support of their parents and mentors, founded the MAASHA Trust and the BHAASHA Foundation.

For both the founding members, public service has been a part of their formal education and hope to continue this forward.

Praveen Hariharan

ABIM Certified

Praveen Hariharan is a physician with clinical interests in acute care, longitudinal medicine, and thrombosis, and research interest in venous thrombosis and allied disciplines.He completed primary medical education from B.J. Medical College in 2008, post-graduate training in Internal Medicine from Boston University Medical Center/VA Boston Healthcare System with an additional clinical research fellowship from the Center of Vascular Emergencies at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Master's in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health. He has held research and clinical appointments at multiple academic medical centers in Boston before founding the MAASHA Trust. In this capacity, he has served diverse underserved communities, including the veterans in Massachusetts, and mentored many post-graduate trainees. He has published original contributions in scientific journals and contributes to peer-reviewing for multiple scientific journals.

Kritika Balasubramanian

Kritika, is a certified meditation teacher and a disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living foundation. She completed her basic computer science training in India before pursuing her post-graduation in computer science at Boston University.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are there any sister organizations associated with the MAASHA Trust?

Yes. The MAASHA Trust will be associated with the founding member proposed BHAASHA (Bharat Arogya Anusandhan Shiksha) Foundation  in India, through its mission and vision. Both entities share a similar mission and vision in public service.

Whats is BHRI (Bharat Health and Research Institute) and how is it related to the MAASHA Trust?

In the district of Gandhinagar, India, the Trust in furtherance of its phase I mission and vision plans to support Bharat Health and Research Institute (BHRI) supported through BHAASHA foundation . BHRI aspires to establish itself as affordable health care and clinical research institute with a hub (central ambulatory medical/research center) and spoke (mobile care/research clinics) model for the district of Gandhinagar. 

Would the Trust make grants, loans, or other distributions to organizations?

Yes. The Trust shall seek applications for funding and make grants to individuals or organizations in support of its mission and vision. All applications will be evaluated at its MERIT based on the following criteria: 1)Whether the proposed project supports the Trust's mission and vision? 2) Is there are a significant problem or gap in knowledge that the proposed seeks to address? 3) Does the project explore new concepts? 4) Does the project ensures a robust and unbiased approach and includes a critical review of literature and data to support the rationale? 5) Is the proposed project feasible within the agreed timeline? The Trust will maintain a record of all disbursements and obtain annual progress reports from funded projects to ensure the projects' integrity of the projects.

Would any individuals who receive funds through the Trust programs  have a family or business relationship with any officer, or with the trustees?

No. The Trust would not fund any programs to individuals directly related to the Trust and is not consistent with its mission and vision.

Does the MAASHA Trust use any specific criteria to select recipients for travel grants?

Any student or trainee enrolled at an institute of higher learning in Massachusetts with a valid invitation to present at a scientific conference will be eligible for the grant. The applicant shall be required to submit a 'Travel' grant request form, and the abstract to be presented at the designated scientific conference. The request form will seek from the applicant, details regarding ongoing financial support, the current field of study, training objectives, and future implications of the selected science to be presented at the conference. A final decision on the selection will be based on the Higher Education Committee review of the solicited forms.

Are there any other planned activities?

 We always welcome ideas from our patrons to promote the mission and vision of the Trust. Please feel free to contact us. 

Certification badge from the American Board of Internal Medicine
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