Bharat Arogya Anusandhan Shiksha Foundation
(NITI Aayog indexed & 80G/12A exempt).
This foundation was started to undertake activities in India 

Public service with proper attitude

Planned phase I: Gujarat, India

"Just as a well-lighted fire reduces wood to ashes, so too, the fire of knowledge reduces all actions (results of actions) to ashes."

Solar Mobile Clinical Facility (mCLINIC)

Gujarat, India

Clinical Research Institute

Gujarat, India

Ambulatory Medical Center

Gujarat, India

Our mCLINIC Team

Do you want to work with an awesome team?

We have a dynamic group of individuals with diverse backgrounds trying the spearhead this initiative.


T Sivan Sir, Praveen, and their team contribute to the core development and operations of the project.

IIPH Gandhinagar

Dr.Kranti Vora, Dr.Mavalankar, and their team contribute to ground-level liaison and operational skills.


Sundar and his team members contribute to programming skills for the state-of-the-art electronic medication record system.

Shah consulting

Niraj, Priya, and their team contribute to the entrepreneurship, accounting, and fundraising aspects of the project.

Proposed site

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Support mCLINIC

You can direct your funds to focused needs of the project life cycle!

Laboratory unit

Support purchasing the state of the art lab unit (USD 50,000)


Clinical care unit

Support purchasing the state of the art lab emergency care unit (USD 90,000)


Health care personnel

Support human resources for the entire mCLINIC unit for one year (USD 45,000).



Support purchasing a medium range truck (USD 60,000)

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